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Get your taxes prepared – accurately! – with professional income tax services from Lemonade Accounting. We help our clients by making their taxes less taxing.

At Lemonade Accounting, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose how to pay your tax preparation fees when you take advantage of our tax services. How fast do you want your money? We have options for everyone!

File your taxes with our electronic filing option to get your refund even faster than you would filing a traditional paper return! E-file and ask for our Electronic Refund Check to get your refund the fastest way possible.

For those who want something cheaper (and don’t mind a little wait), ask for our IRS Direct Check and you could get your refund in just 10-21 days, sent right to your home address!

Lemonade Accounting's income gives you tax preparation services, the way it's meant to be. Fair rates, accurate and with a money back guarantee. Customer service is our top priority so when you're looking for a tax preparation firm, Lemonade Accounting is the best choice.

Lemonade Accounting provides computerized income tax preparation service, and electronic filing. Audit assistance and free review of income tax returns are also part of Lemonade Accounting's commitment to service.

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