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Personal training that tailors to the pace of our clients. Our training process is provided by an expert certified QuickBooks ProAvisor.

We follow the Intuit approved QuickBooks program and tailor the classes based on our clients computer experience.

Our cost are based by session, for example, the price for 1 person to have a days training is $512.00. The price remains the same for up to 4 people, which breaks down to $128.00 per client when 4 clients attend the same class.

Types of Training for individuals and small groups
(Group sizes up to 4 people)

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  • Two Day Extensive Trianing - Complete training package that covers all phases of QuickBooks. $1024.00

  • One Day Basic Training - Complete training package that covers all phases of QuickBooks at a very fast pace. $512.00

  • Half-Day Training - This course is designed for very basic instruction as well as being designed as a refresher course. $288.00

  • Hourly Training - This service is used for limited training for individuals who know how to use QuickBooks, but have advanced skill needs. $80.00 per hour

  • Custom Training - For clients who have specific and or special training needs we can customize programs that work best for their situation. $80.00 perhour or less, based upon length of time

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